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Welcome to Occulas

"This will be the day we've waited for
This will be the day we open up the door
I don't wanna hear your absolution
Hope your ready for a revolution
Welcome to a world of new solutions
Welcome to a world of bloody evolution
In time-your heart will open minds
A story will be told
And victory is in a simple soul"

- RWBY, This Will Be The Day

Welcome to Magic Earth
Guild's Current Title Music
Once, long ago, Earth was a peaceful land. But the evil of mankind caused a shift in paradigms, releasing darkness and doubt which prevented this peace. Before this, the people of Magic Earth came together, magic-folk and mortals fortified great pyramids, monuments and fathomable cities with the power that came from the skies - the Occulanium. Over time, the birth of new religion and ideas caused any allegiance with magic-folk to shatter. They soon found themselves targeted and untrusted amongst the humans as they were forced into segregation. Ancient beliefs had been forgotten and the King of magic-folk resorted to a Great Voyage. All magic-folk were forced to cross over to the realm of Magic Earth, a realm made by the Occulanium ages ago. Ever since, it has been kept a secret from mortals. Two-thousand years later, various guilds have been born from unity, with the one single purpose of peace. Each guild found their own virtues, their own power and skills to keep the world in balance in the modern world. Whilst Non-magic Earth fights its own battles, over meagre ideologies and boundaries, Magic Earth secretly defends the world from the greater evils that exist beyondreach.

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Magic Earth has been living an unimaginable period of tranquillity, even to this day, Magic Earth still rests undisturbed behind the dreams of the young. In the Lands of Occulas, where most of this story unfolds, there are academies and colleges for education, for battle and for wisdom. Great cities have been fortified, others razed and forgotten. Some choose to align themselves with a guild, some do not. Whilst the guilds have come together to form the Guildeam, a grand alliance of leaders known as the High Court, their power does not stretch outside the Lands of Occulas. Beyond are other kingdoms, towns and un-ruled lands. You may wonder about demons, about angels and the depths of the Underworld. You can dream about a world of magic and adventure, but remember, it is all real, and it is not all safe. Where ever there is light, there will always be darkness lurking in the distance. Peace will not last without unity, and darkness will always come creeping back. The Scarred people of Bloodholme wait to plot their next burning invasion, the High Angels of the Heavens ponder the mortal's right to spun life into Magic Earth, the Greater Demons await their call to erupt from Hell, and that's just the beginning.

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You are welcome to venture this land, the Land of Occulas, or even the lands beyond it, Zakernand, Bloodholme, the Land of Crows and further. You may enchant your weapons at Merlin Academy, impress the Arcaz Sovereignty with sheer intelligence. Or you could hone your skills at Hope Academy, and show Magic Earth what it means to not bow beneath a guild's crest. Design your weapons, or design your peace. But if you don't want to slack around then wield the sword - or gun - of Asmodius, defend your world as a soldier of the Guildeam. And if you dare not hinder the life of nature, then be at one with Shard City, with the Circle of Castayu Del'yir. But if you seek order and righteousness then do not fear the Skypunch, the crater in the sky, for Skyfall holds the key to enlightenment with the Injustira Syndicate. If what you find comforting are the shadows, then perhaps the recently returned Conclave of Declasia is where you belong, outside the Guildeam's reach. So, you may have moved from Non-magic Earth, you may have been born from within Occulas, or Zakernand, or other realms of Magic Earth. But you will be a part of this peace... and if you so choose to disrupt it - take heed - you will make enemies. But who is to say peace must always succeed?

So what shall it be? A simple life of love, a spontaneous life of adventure... or... a life doomed to darkness? Your choice, reader.

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If you would like to join, please answer these question's below. Please note that this is a literate roleplay with a diverse world for you to explore. DISCLAIMER If you send a request to join without answering any of these questions your request will be immediately terminated.

1 ♦ How much experience do you have in literate roleplay? (You can be honest, we don't have bias)
2 ♦ Why do you want to join The Lands of Occulas? What interests you? What can you bring to the guild?
3 ♦ Please give a small example of your role play style
(paragraph example, the context can be anything you want from a fight or a walk through town. Show what you have to offer!)

Once you have been accepted, please can you first accept and sign the Guild Rules thread. Also, I advice you browse any stickies and announcements (particularly) in the Lore subforum so that you learn of the world. Handy pieces of information can be found in each thread, so take the time to visualize the world you'll become a part of and who your characters can be. If you're new to RP please let me know, I'll try to help as much as I can, we all have to start somewhere. A map and interactive Timeline is also available which is continuously being updated.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to seeing you adventuring in Magic Earth.

Zylvanness - Guild Captain yatta