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This guild is made especially for people who have either the likeness of the guild creatures, or whom regularly RP as these creatures.


2. No Flames! (Roleplay styles, etc.)
4. Advertising your own guild is NOT permitted! (Without consent.)

Anyone that is found violating these rules will be banned with or without notice depending on the severity of the broken rule. These rules will be enforced by our moderators:

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Our Guild Creatures:

The Kitsune
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'Some people think that the white foxes, the guardians and messengers of the shrine, are identical with the diety Inari...'

Kitsune themselves are not dieties, but kami, spirits. It was almost inevitable, though, that they would be given praise and have shrines built to them, since this became standard practice to win the favor of all kami in the region. With the known fickleness of the kitsune, and their whimsical ways, it simply made sense to try to please them. The kitsune's ties to Inari just paved the way.

'...the god of foxes has never been deified in the Inari shrine as the object of worship, though there is a tributary shrine dedicated exclusively to the sacred white foxes in the precincts of the shrine...'

The kitsune of Inari became important enough that even at Inari shrines, they were given their own, special shrines. These white foxes are called myobu. The word myobu is the name of a court-rank for ladies in Japan. The kitsune were given special favor in Japan, including a caste within the courts, for those who served Inari. This has a lot of significance, because it means that kitsune are capable of being part of the royal lines during the Fuedal Japan, or even earlier.

The Inu
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The Dog (inu), man's faithful friend, symbolizes loyalty, devotion, and justice. A gift of a dog charm is a sentiment symbolizing honesty and accountability.

The Neko
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The Maneki Neko is a figure of Japanese tradition that welcomes guests, customers, luck, and wealth. His image is found in many Japanese places of business to welcome customers and prosperity, and in homes to welcome guests and luck. In the "digital world" this timeless good luck charm can be found on websites where he welcomes Internet surfers, or dangling from cell phones as a cell phone charm.

The Tanuki
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The Japanese raccoon (tanuki) and the fox (kitsune) have similar roles in folklore. They are pictured as mischievous rogues who often get themselves into trouble. They can, at times, be frightening creatures, and at other moments be capable of making a negative situation positive. Sometimes they are treated as godly figures and become cultural heroes. The ‘tanuki’ is sometimes seen as a witch, a cannibal monk, or a one-eyed demon who murders his victims with thunder, lightning or earthquakes.

While the Guild catigory is Role Playing, It is really an all around guild.

The Price for admission is 150 to make up for any thing needed for the guild. (like new forums)

Thank you for your cooperation ^^

~Captain YukiGin and Vice Captain Rin Yumito