Fellow role-players,

If your steps have led you in front of the Inn of Peace, just pushed the door and you shall be welcomed by Azana, Gren, Angeles and Zulma:

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The Inn of Peace is a role play guild with both some light/fun role play and some literate role play.

What to say in your join request?
1- What Type of role play are you interested in: light rp or literate role play?
2- How long have you been role playing? Yes, we do accept new players too.
3- An extract of a previous role play (if you are not a new player)
4- The word 'paix' to make sure that you have read this and understand it.
Without those FOUR points, your join request will simply be declined.

Please do not donate to the guild directly, if you wish to donate use the guild mule: InnOfPeace. Thank you.