Welcome to the Ink Well, my friend. Within you shall find a community of people very much like yourself, a crazy, hilarious, moody, human lot who enjoy what they do and do what they enjoy. Become one of our number: join the Ink Well and participate in our monthly writing challenges.
summer Challenge now up!
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For those among you who actually care, this guild resides in the art section simply because that is our purpose here: the creation of art. We aim to give every word descended from your mouth, pen, or keyboard deserves the recognition and critical grooming it deserves.

Join Requests:
Here's the application format I'm looking for:
Gaian Name:
Preferred Pen Name: (can be same as above)
How long have you been writing for?:
Why Would You Like To Join The Ink Well?:
How did you find out about The Ink Well?:
What genres do you like to write for?:
Can you do a story every month or two? Poems?:
Your favorite quote:
Some strange fact about you:

PM me this application if you would like to join the Ink Well, and put the phrase PenMeetsSword in the title so I know you read all the way through.