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Don't get fooled by the name, the Idiots In Black be a FBI that is here to protect the world of Gaiaonline (when your ignorin' the fact that they be wanted for piracy). We used to be a forum until a bug sent our topic to Davy Jone's locker and we could no longer post. So we became a guild. We gone through e'ery single thing you can think of, Becomin' allies with the GIW, havin' some war over havin' a war with the GIB, gettin' drunk over punch, stranded, bein' attacked by an I pod, saving the shadow realm, diein'... Three times, the Zurgs, the vampires, the quests, and pirate-like adventures like that. And soon after a series of crazy events all in four hours, we ended up in a pirate ship. That we toke over. But hey, that be life. And life’s pretty good, and why wouldn’t it be? We be pirates, after all.

(Lawl, you can't imagine how much fun I had writing that introduction.)
The IIB is a totally awesome and humorous guild with everything. You can chat and debate about anything you want in the main forum, discuss the secrets of Gaia's current plots in the mission forum, roleplay without purpose in the RP section, and even go to school in the academy. Literally, we got it. And the best part is- you'll be able to do all that and more on a pirate ship.

[[Current mission: code mutation]]

[How you can join]
So you think your ready? Lets see
To join you must fill out this form

I would like to join the Idiots In black because:
My special skills are:
The position I want is:
Favorite Flavor of Ice cream:

[ position choices ]
Medical crew [doctors]
Sailors [spies]
Negotiator [talks]
Plan creators [create plans]
Code crackers [cracks codes]
Artist [make our weekly comics]
ID card creator [create ID cards]
Navigator [uses the maps, compasses, ect tells us where to go]
Lookouts [stand on that really high tower doing nothing]
Cooks [This one be bloody obvious]
Sail master [steers the ship]
Trainers [train the spies]
Gunners [weapon tester/creators]
Librarian [work for the IIB library]
Recruiter [go around asking random people to join]
Mechanic [fixes ship and everything else that breaks]
First mate [Like an assistant to me]

Here's some quotes from awesome members:

i agree with Kiki
with the guild being small, it means we get to know each other better and we wont forget people or get people mixed up
in this guild, i fell completly comfortable to be honest

this guild is like a good family, its been here for much over a year now, and since then, its been us few members who has stayed all the way through, in that time, we all get to know each other, and enjoy everyone in the guilds company

well that's how i fell about this guild ^_^

....I'm still obsessed with Gaara... redface

But in all srs-ness...
You guys have been my support blanket.
Yes, even you Marta.

I joined the IIB on a whim of boredom.
Gaia was boring me, and I had decided to leave.
But I stuck around as things got more interesting in that little topic.
And I'm glad I stuck around.
Because back then, honestly, who thought that little topic would turn into a guild?

And Sam, when you're standing in the White House later on...
Remember, I'm your Vice Prez. XD

((Who can't express her happiness though her words.))

Nov 22, 2006 3.27 pm
This is where it started: