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[Image Links to the original start of the Ian and Louie Alliance]

Welcome to the Ian and Louie Alliance Guild!

Alliance Mission
Although not many NPC Versus events happen, the Ian and Louie Alliance
is a predetermined favoritism that should Ian and Louie ever be in an event
together, supporters will vote for both Ian and Louie for top rank!

Alliance Guild
This guild is a community of gaians supporting Ian and Louie! Fandom, art,
charities, events, games, and everything outside and in between can
happen in this guild around the two. The guild should also be used as a
crossroad for supporters to meet and discuss plausible battle plans for victory
in any events involving the two! We won't be happy until
every other NPC is dead!

Alliance History
This alliance was created through the 2011 Summer Pie Eating Competition
Event. Louie, Ian/Rufus, Kanoko, Carl, Stein, and Diedrich all made it to the
last round of pie-eating after earning their popularity through the first part of
the event (consisting of 30 total NPC participants). Through out most
of the competition, Ian and Rufus held 1st, and Louie fell up and out of place
anywhere from 5th and up, even occasionally taking first,
leaving Ian and Rufus at second. Regardless, lovers of the brotherhood
started the Pie-Hard Ian and Louie Alliance to get the brothers into 1st and 2nd
place, without thought of which one held the grand title. So long as both
Ian and Louie took the top two. Efforts paid off and Pie-Hard ended with our
brother duo at the top two. Ian kept 1st place, and Louie elbowed his way
up to 2nd. Through the communal efforts, a bond was held between Gaian
participants, and the official Ian and Louie Alliance formed outside of the
pie-hard event.. Right here.

Guild Donations
Remember that the guild donation function only eats up everyone's gold.
So please donate your guild money to some mule we haven't created! Yay!