For centuries in the land of Koriat, the wise and gentle King Valos ruled, his people flourished even as he sought to end the wars between the neighboring kingdoms Mikru, and Tato. After much hardship, treaties were struck; peace and prosperity prospered. Sadly King Valos's hardships just began. His faithful Queen was carrying his child, but the first child never made it. As they tried a second time, not only did they loose the baby but the Queen as well. While Valos's reign never faltered, he himself never took another wife, and therefore never had an heir.
Baron Andor, a close friend, to pay Valos a friendly visit at one point. All seemed well until after a few weeks King Valos was pronounced dead. Though it was announced he died in his sleep, others thought differently. Andor also turned up a deed, signed by Valos, which gave Andor full reign of Koriat. King Andor immediantly began a new regime. All soldiers who supported Valos's reign were removed from the army, and Andor began to break the treaties signed so long ago. He cares not how his soldiers treat the subjects or ruling fairly, his goal is to conquer all.
Now rumors spread of a illegitimate heir of Valos, and its said that many of Valos's old followers wait for the supposed heir to reveal himself so they may take back the crown. King Andor has denied these rumors, and says they're hearsay, but he has his own soldiers looking for the boy who may not even exist.

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