Hello and Welcome to The Historical Clothing, Home and Lifestyle Guild.

Within this Guild you can discuss any subject pertaining to historical ways of life from the fashion that was once worn to the way one would have decorated their home.

Feel free to discuss Victorian, Antebellum, Baroque, Rococo, Colonial, Edwardian, and many other older styles.

Please give us a reason, even a short reason is welcomed, as to why you wish to join the guild when you send your join request, also be certain to read the Rules and Guidelines area before posting within the guild.

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●This guild is not here so you can obtain items and gold.
●This guild is about real life history, not Gaia's history. (People have actually thought that it was about Gaia's history. o_o )
●When you use l33t speech in your requests it makes me figure that you will use it within the guild as well and that is against the rules so it is best that you not use it at all in this area.
●This guild is about Historical subjects pertaining to the clothing, lifestyle and homes of long past time eras, not the subjects in general, modern terms. .
●If you send a blank request I will decline you because it says to me that you really do not care.

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