What is your side?

Perhaps, you're a tickler? Do you enjoy being the cause of uncontrollable laughter as your fingers dance over a victim's bond, finding every sensitive spot imaginable? Do you keep many different tickling aids in your possession ranging from tickling to tools to restraints? You might just be a tickler.

No? Maybe, you're a ticklee in that case. Finding yourself having to submit to hours of ticklish torment because everyone knows how sensitive you are? Do you often beg for those ticklers to just stop? Would you rather leave your weakest points exposed hoping for someone to tickle you? Say yes to any of those and you are a ticklee.

Every now and again, we get the special cases; those who love to torture others with tickling just as much as they love to be tortured themselves. Could you be one of those?

No matter which one you are, I'd love to have you and hope you will consider joining.

As with any proper establishment, we require some information from you as your request is sent in.

One note before you send your request, this is a semi-literate to literate role-play guild. As such, proper spelling and punctuation are key. Avoid the use of text talk and 1337 speak, or anything similar to those. You won't be asked to write whole books, but the minimum length is a paragraph; seven to eight well-written sentences

Now, without further ado~

Join Request Form:

What should we call you?: (Name)
How many years do you have?: (Age)
Did you choose a side?: (Tickler, Ticklee or Both)
Demonstrate your abilities: (RP Sample)