Rumors surround the popular opera located in Paris, France. They say phantoms come out every night and haunt the Opera. Any incident that occurs within the Opera is blamed on those ghostly figures. But who are these "phantoms"?
Well, if someone in Paris has a deformed or unwanted child, they are discreetly handed over to the Opera managers. The children must hide themselves within an underground system connected to the Opera, usually covering their faces with masks, cloaks or hats. There's a complex labyrinth of corridors, trapdoors and staircases that connect the Empire of these Phantoms to the Opera. Some workers of the Opera are fascinated by these mysterious people, others repulsed.

Welcome to the Opera House.

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In this roleplay guild, your character can be an abandoned and elusive "Phantom" or a worker at the Opera. Love will ensue. Fights will start. Tragedy will take hold. Where will your character stand?

When requesting to join, please include
~Your favorite song or character from The Phantom of the Opera
~Do you have roleplaying experience? (Yes or No)
~A roleplay sample

Have fun in the Opera House!.