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For life issues/problems, joys and interests.

Hello and welcome to the Guild of Life! Here you can find help with your problems or share your interests with other people. Of course you can talk about almost anything else in this guild because anything relates to real life.

We'll be holding many different contests over the months with great prizes! Seeing as hosting these contests are pretty expensive, any donations you would like to give the guild should go to either me or Naggis (yes with two g's and not our one g Nagis) so we can use the gold or items for the contests. Right now we aren't looking to get more sub-forums.

Just make sure to follow the rules and I promise to make this guild a place where you can relax and unload your problems and stress.

Our sub-forums include:

Guidance: which will act as basically another LI forum where you can post what you're having trouble with and other members can give you advice.

Crew Discussion: where the crew and I discuss how to improve this guild.

Movies, games, music, and T.V.: where you can talk about anything related to those four topics. Classical music will now be for the 'Literature, art, and classical music forum.

Literature, art, and classical music: where you can post works of art and literature by either other authors or your own work. Also you can talk anything about classical music.

Roleplaying: which basically explains itself.

Introductions:This sub-forum is for introducing yourselves as a new member. Just make your own thread with your birthday in it if you want it recorded and let the welcomes begin. xD

At the moment I'm still in the process of editing and fashioning the guild to the way that's comfortable and fun for each member. If you have any questions just pm me and I'd be happy to answer them for you.