Welcome to Gothic Angel's
We're more than your average guild
Gothic Angels is a family
It's so easy to meet people with your same interests
And really easy to make friends
Every member of this family has unique qualities
That's why we encourage everyone to join
It's not like we bite...hard

This Guild is full of things to do.
The main forum is filled with games, debates & a lot more
We also have many subforums each filled with interesting topics
Subforums for Music, Poetry & Writing, Gothic Fashion, Advice, Gold & Questing, Anime/Comics & Video games, and tons more
The guild is full of diverse topics from Riddles to Cooking recipes
Even our own little personal website
Come share your poetry, Debate on your views, or learn interesting things about the Gothic fashion
Anyone interested in the Gothic Culture or it's sub-cultures is welcome here!

We're not strict but we don't allow just anyone into the guild
Because unlike many guilds, we're not competing for popularity
We don't accept just anyone into our family just to have more people
If you want to join you MUST BE ACTIVE
If not, be certain you will be deleted

To join, complete and send the following application
If you leave anything blank, it will be denied.
Do not write what you think we want to hear.
In particular when answering "What do you think would make you a good Gothic Angel?" do not write "Because I'm goth and I'm an angel."
You will immediately be denied.
Be honest and true to yourself.


Nick name:




Three things you cant live without:

In five words describe yourself:

Why you want to join:

What do you think would make you a good Gothic Angel?:

Favorite Bands:

Views on gay marriage:

Views on abortion:

How many guilds you are currently in?:

Are you an active gaian and will you be active in the guild?:


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1.The guild is sometimes closed down for deleting lockdowns.
During that time you can send join request but we will not check them until the lockdown is over
Please be patient when that happens

2.You must fill out the form above when sending an application. You will not be accepted if you don't include it. FOR JOIN REQUESTS DO NOT PM ME.

-(c)- CryztalizedTearz