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The Gotei Elite is a bleach based semi-casual role play guild. Our guild is build upon a completely unique story line unrelated to the canon story of bleach, however we do use many aspects and designs from canon in order to try to keep it as bleach focused as possible. We have three different worlds to role play in of varying difficulty and flavor, from the militaristic soul society, the ever evolving human world, and the endless sands of hueco mundo.

We welcome all levels of role players to our guild. Our general feel for things is more of a focus on writing and interaction between each other over any real hard number systems. This means it is MUCH more free form and story focused than other guilds may be. Because of that it is important to keep in mind that if you wish to role play here you will have the best time of it if you are looking to work with people. We are all in this together.

To join the guild simply send in a join request and it will be approved as soon as possible, no muss no fuss. If you'd like feel free to add on why you want to join or any minor details about yourself, all of it is entirely optional!