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Time has frozen, the World of the Living, Hueco Mundo, and the Soul Society are at a standstill as the princess disappeared. She was kidnapped by Raikuro Hitagara, an old nemesis come back from the dead to haunt his enemies and regain his prize. He is the only being who can manipulate her power to use it for his own pleasure and he, just as many in the Soul Society, knows that her power can create life as well as destroy it. The search is on as the presence of the brilliant goddess of the moon and sun begins to fade. Korogra Tetsujin leads the search in desperate attempts to rescue her and protect his beloved vice captain. Or, is he just trying to rescue himself? Obstacles are set up at each of the barriers between worlds; still unknown to her entourage is exactly where she is being held captive. The echoing maniacal laughter of Raikuro is all that is heard as the world slowly darkens, structures falling and crumbling away to dust. If they don’t find her soon, everything they know is at an end.

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