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Welcome to The GCD Gift Giving Bonanza! If you find yourself addicted to the joys of gift giving, this guild is for you! By joining this guild, you will get to know your fellow gifters and take place in fun gifting activities!


1. Tell us why you want to join! Are you a closet gift-giving fan? Do you give gifts often by yourself and wish to be part of a community instead?

2. Explain how you found us! Did you stumble upon the guild randomly, hear about us through a friend, or were you part of one of our Gifting Bonanzas?


1. No begging in any way, shape, or form. The guild is about generosity, not enlarging your inventory.

2. Do not keep count of how many people you have gifted/what you've gifted/how little you've been gifted. That's just plain rude. Joining this guild in no way guarantees you will get gifts often.

3. No bumping.

4. Please be active! After all, the more active you are, the better chance you have of making friends and getting gifts! smile