Welcome to the Gated Town of Os
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Here is the most perfect civilization ever created. This grand rollplay town is surrounded by great roll players, and thier spirit. If your wondering how to join it's quite simple just click Join, and thats it. Theirs not much to this quint little village, but it makes up for with the grand folk that live here. Once you join you will be givin a fourm dedicated to you and it'll be your home for you to post whatever you feel. This fourum will be used as a home for you to live in. If you would like to open up a buisness here then go to the main street forum and alert the town hall of what kind of buisness you would like to open up, and then i'll create it to your liking. Once you join i'll send you a PM with a link to go to your fourum home, and if you are unable to load to your home then click on the subfourm labled 'resedential' and there you go you are now part of the town. Remember to use your imagination and have fun rollplaying through the streets of The Gated Town of Os!