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Who are we?
A group of roleplay fighters that share common goals, views, and are very like minded overall... Most of us are oldbies that have been around Gaia since 05 or longer, but really we're accepting of any level of fighter or roleplayer that is willing to join our rag tag family. Many of us are from the FFA days or early Commerce, all of us have our own stories to share and unique fighting styles to utilize; The Garage is more than a simple arena, it is a home that supports an ever growing family of individuals who enjoy not only each other's company but also the common hobby of kicking teeth in via roleplaying.

What is our goal?
To unite all people within our nation!
To denounce the evils of truth and love!
To extend our reach to the stars above!
The Garage will beat you at the speed of light!
Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

We wish to bring together like minded roleplayers who enjoy fighting with each other and improving their characters combat capabilities... We also help train or even spar with people... So it's not all death matches or tournaments! We would even like to open the world of roleplay fighting up to the casual roleplayers who wouldn't mind trying their hand at wielding a sword, or trying to punch a champion in the face! In reality we hope that The Garage brings forth a new experience for everyone that resides here... Just like how every person is an individual we hope to fill whatever roleplay fighting needs you may possess.

Where are we located?
On the island city of Gara City, just in the northern corner, above the bridge and ferry entrance. Bit of a deluded place honestly as the structure is an underground parking garage that was built within the ancient ruins residing on the outskirts of Gara City - Originally intended to be part of a sleek and modernized section of the city... Until the volcano began to spew toxic gas; Anyways The Garage's fighting and training continuity can carry all across Gaia, or even be non-canon to your character if you wish; Though we like to think it's a bragging right to be part of such a close knit family of fighters.

Why was this created?
Originally it was created to serve as just a simple and basic arena for those who wished to use it, back in December of 2012; But ended up becoming much more than a simple arena when many comrades and fellow fighters began to call The Garage their home. While it still serves the purpose of an arena, below the simplicity you will find a complex society of people joined with common goals and desires... Most of whom are searching for that next challenging fight...

How do I join?
By either contacting Saka Hirozumi, Kizu Pantera, or Shimmering Cupcake... You may also click the fancy little join button free of charge! Or notify us in the guilds Out of Character thread and we will invite you! We always enjoy more company and hope that anyone that joins The Garage will have a positive experience from posting with us, as we wish for nothing more than to have pleasant memories as our characters punch in each other's faces.

All credits belong to the respective owners of the pictures used for my guild, I take no credit in the art itself and I am not using these pictures for commercial purposes.