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We're undergoing a major facelift. Pardon our dust while we find a new face that suits our guild!

Namely, we are SICK to DEATH of people joining only to litter up our subforums with single threads that do not meet posting requirements and are not related to the forum or subforum it is posted in. We are NOT maids. If you're only joining to get your one question answered, pm a guild member or member of staff, or post in the Chatterbox or GD forum on Gaia's forums. We're interested in CONTENT and QUALITY of posts.

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What is the Supernatural / Paranormal?

Definition: Not of natural world: relating to or attributed to phenomena that cannot be explained by natural laws

Definition: Impossible to explain scientifically: unable to be explained or understood in terms of scientific knowledge

The Rules!

  • Supernatural Topics/Posts Only
  • NO Spam: Bumping, Trolling, Harassing, Gold Begging
  • NO Advertising other guilds, threads, shops, websites
  • Details, Details, Details (decent communication skills please!)
  • Use the SubForums!
  • Be semi-literate to literate. None of that 'n00b' talk.
  • Insults Or Personal Attacks Will Not Be Tolerated. (Please be civil)
  • Follow the Minimum Posting Requirements!
  • Make sure you post your thread in the right place!
  • When in doubt, ask questions!
  • Understand the Rules Before Applying and READ THE JOIN REQUIREMENTS PLEASE.

Who is this guild for?

Anyone with an interest in the supernatural/paranormal. You do not need to be an expert in any supernatural field either. Who knows maybe you will learn a thing or two. We don't require any previous knowledge, just a willingness to keep an open mind and actually discuss the topics. Our only expectations are relatively active discussion and general civility.


This is a place meant for supernatural/paranormal enthusiasts to come and have discussions with other users. If you do not like the supernatural/paranormal, then we ask that you be respectful of our opinions. We do not need any preaching or lecturing. We will try to give you the best advice possible, but there are many things that we are not truly experts in, therefore if you have any real life problems involving the supernatural/paranormal then we suggest that you contact an expert. You have been warned.

What topics do you discuss?

We have many, many different topics ranging from the traditional ghosts stories to UFOs, occult themes to cryptozoography, world religion and everything inbetween. All of our members have some unique stories about their own experiences with the supernatural or paranormal, and perhaps you can share your own stories as well. 3nodding


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When Joining:

We ask that you join this guild with the intent that you will try to post regularly. And if the only reason why you're joining is to get gold, etc. then you are wasting your time. Please read the rules and join requirements before sending your join request in.

Join Requirements:

  • Say you've read the rules, understood them and agree to follow them.
  • Tell why you should be allowed entrance into this guild in at least three semi literate or literate sentences
  • Tell why the supernatural/paranormal fascinates you (experiences are welcome)
  • Please be semi-literate which basically means that you attempt to use proper spelling, grammar, etc. Please try to stray away from 'n00b' speak and we can understand typos here and there. Just try and make your posts legible, please.


  • Supernatural posts only except for in the main chat.
  • No SPAM, Bumping, Trolling, or Repeat threads PLEASE!
  • New threads must be opened with a post of at least 3 concise sentences. This opening post should be more than one line-- it should be a paragraph.
  • UTILIZE OUR SUBFORUMS: do NOT post a new thread in the main thread if it should belong in another area of the guild. This is a bannable offense-- there will be no warning, as we remind people enough of subforum use. If you are confused about our subforums, ASK A CREW MEMBER.
  • Be semi-literate. We cannot help you or answer questions or discuss topics if we cannot understand you.
  • If you can't use the subforums, don't post new topics!!! The subforums exist for a reason!!! You MUST copy/paste this rule into your application in order to get accepted.

    Guild Questions / Feedback / Suggestions?

    Do not hesitate to PM us at GS Guild Mule

    Official Guild Live Chat & Mailing List!

    GSG Official Live Chat

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    Donating To The Guild

    Donate to our guild Mule GS Guild Mule NOT the guild account. You can donate gold, items, junk, whatever! Thanks in advance for donating!


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    Guild Creator/Founder/True Captain: AKILLA