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The Gaian Polyamory Guild (GPG) is not set up to try to convince people that polyamory is the "right" way to live, nor are we trying to "convert" anyone to being polyamorous. We are here to educate people on polyamory, as well as support those who choose to live this lifestyle.

We are here to help to the best of our abilities anyone struggling with a polyamorous relationship, feelings of polyamory, coming out to people as polyamorous (potential partners, parents, ect), partners presenting the idea of polyamory and being unsure/afraid of it, feelings of insecurity and jealousy and any other obstacle related to polyamory.

We are not here to encourage people to cheat, we do not encourage pushing/guilting/pressuring people into becoming a part of a polyamorous relationship if they do not want to be a part of such a relationship.

We are here to provide information for a consensual non-monogamous alternative to relationships and spread awareness of this alternative path to happiness and love.