Welcome to the Gaian Homestuck Community.

Hey there! This is the Homestuck Community of Gaia, where we're welcoming of all fans new and old of the fantastic Andrew Hussies Homestuck. Strap on your safety belts children cause you're in for one helluva ride.

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Oh boy did you sure come to the right place to ask that. I'll give you the short 'n' sweet version. Homestuck is about a group of friends who play a game called Sburb that essentially triggers the end of the world. All of the players homes are transported into The Medium where this game is played. The players must co-operate to overcome a series of challenges implemented by the game to make them not only stronger as a team but as individuals. The end goal of the game is to create a new universe. This may sound simple, but when nothing is impossible all shenanigans and chaos ensues. We can only hope our wayward protagonists (and the occasional antagonist) can overcome the games obstacles and themselves in order to create a new universe to call home.

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As a guild we work together to form a community for all the people on Gaia who like or are interested in Homestuck. We host contests, rp forums, write community wide crack fics, play various online games such as Cards Against Humanity and Town of Salem, and meet up in towns at Cosplay Town (1024 B4 ) and the old Homestuck Town (41300). We like to help out our artists because they're is nothing quite like sweet sweet commissioned arts. There is also a charity Kankri formed to help guildies get their items for cosplay stuff here on gaia. We also frequently talk over the group skype.

If any of that sounds interesting to you go ahead and send in a join request!
Keep in mind though that the guild is 16+

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  • Krabkri - Captain aka Concerned Mother of 420
  • Cobalt Mindfang - Vice Captain aka Spiro the motherf*cking dragon
  • Kampfer Crimson - Vice Captain aka cool guy
  • Spaceboii - Vice Captain aka cooler guy
  • xdonpondx - Vice Captain aka resident Mom
  • Allergic To Stupid -Vice Captain aka Pokemon Trash

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Krabkri - - - - Allergic - - - - Spaceboii - - - - Mama
Clickable versions of the staff members. Click one to go to their profile. Image credit to Feastings.