To join the guild you will be charged a small fee of 100 gaia gold.

The reason why you are being charged the small fee is so that when a gaian gets hacked, we have the gold to use to help them.

This is not a guild to beg for items that you did NOT have.
Please provide solid evidence that you lost or got hacked, with screenshots or brief descriptions.

After becoming a member you will be messaged monthly so you can renew your subscription of being a member, you will be charged 250 gold a month to stay in the guild.

If you are hacked we will have this money to help you recover this gold/ items lost.

We are hoping to have many knowledgeable people in the guild to help and also many generous donators.
If you would like to donate please donate to "HackerInsuranceManager" the guild's mule. Also a cosplay of the owners.

We are also hoping to have someone get us a banner.
If it is good we will award you with gold.
ANY Submission sent in will also recieve a small token of appreciation (gold as well)