This is a guild for REAL vampires. This is not a roleplaying guild. This guild is for modern day blood drinking and psychic vampires to gather and discuss away from the criticism of the rest of Gaia.

Allow me to clarify "real vampire". A real vampire is someone that requires the blood or psychic energy of others to survive. This may not be the only sustenance but it is crucial to the survival of such a vampire.

NOTICE: This is not an elitist guild. You may join this guild even if you are not a vampire. As long as you are civil and harbor genuine curiosity and interest about vampirism then you are welcome. This goes for all weres, otherkin, etc. that may want to gather here.

The rules that you must follow:

Gaia's TOS: You can find the link to this at the bottom of the page.

My Rules:

No flaming or ridiculing: I created this guild to avoid just that.

No roleplaying: You may be a member of any number of roleplaying guilds or groups but just don't do it here.

Be mature in regard to the discussion of blood acts. There are worse things on Gaia but this is still a very serious subject.

Please be respectful of others views even if you don't agree with them. As long as everyone keeps this civil and as BS free as possible then all will go well.

Apply to the guild by using the form below or by composing a coherent paragraph which includes answers to the questions in the form.

Application For Admission Into The Guild
Please make well thought-out answers.

Do you consider yourself a vampire?
If so, why do you consider yourself a vampire and what type?
If applicable, describe your vampirism (paragraphs are nice):
Reason for wanting to join?
Any other paranormal interests?
Anything you'd like to add?

Upon admission to the guild you are encouraged to read the stickies and announcements, as well as make an introduction in the appropriate thread.

This guild is affiliated with:

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