THE RP PIT HAS MOVED! Click HERE to go there now.

It's been a while since this guild has done anything. It used to be a strictly single RP guild, but me, and my brother, narusei fuyuki modified it.

We've added new roleplays, and the actual sub-forums are now the different roleplays involved.

The first few sub-forums will be for purposes such as resources, and out of character things. We have background stories to the roleplays, and then characters for each of the different roleplays, which are both classified as resources, and then we have Suggestions, General Chat, and Spam. These three are classified as out of character [OOC]. The rest of the forums are actual roleplays.

For more information, go scroll down to the topics of the actual forum.

We currently have 4 RP topics at the moment.
Click the images to navigate to the respective forums. Remember you cannot post until you have a character.
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There is no entry fee at this time, but it may change a little later.


Rules are categorized into two groups. These groups are known as Soft Rules, and Hard Rules. Soft Rules can be broken, but if you break them too much, it will result in a banning.

Hard Rules result in an instant ban if broken.


1. No Text Chat.
-This involves typing in a fashion where most of your words are shortened like in texting, and occasionally use numbers instead of letters. Unless you are using it in a name, try to stay away from that.

2. Keep Cursing to a Minimum.
-Cursing, like we all know, is a fairly common feature of our life. We all do it occasionally, unless we're some sort of fairy that is hiding among humans. I'm not going to say you can't curse, just don't excessively curse.

There is a topic under the main forum that tells what words may or may not be used. More will be added as time goes by. Click Here For those words.

You can curse a maximum of 1 curse word per 3 posts to keep things even. This is PER ROLEPLAY.

3. No God-Modding/Auto-Hitting
There is no such thing as an automatic hit, and invulnerability in our roleplays. Just because you swing in a manner that you think nobody can dodge, doesn't mean it can't be worked around. Some people are very creative.

Take a hit, too. Nobody likes roleplaying with a god-modder.

The reason this is a soft rule is because we don't find it right to ban someone for breaking the rule once or twice. Everyone gets a little carried away occasionally, and that's understandable.

4. No Grave-Digging
-If there is a topic that is over a month old, don't post in it, it most likely is dead, or finished.

5. Members Don't Post New Roleplays
-Unless given permission by the staff member(s) who is/are in charge of the section you are going to post a new topic in. The main forum is free to post in. We may provide a board specifically for chatting if things get a little too hectic.

6. Don't Spam!
-Unless it's in the Spamming Fun Sub-Forum, we don't want to hear it. We want to keep the forums clean, and the best way to do that is to place spamming in its own separate section.

7. Don't post character backgrounds in the Background Stories Forum.
-The Background Stories Forum is for the background stories to the actual roleplays. If you want to let people know about your character's background story, put it somewhere like in your journal.

8. Submit a character the proper way.
-You need to read the character creation information under the Navigation, and Character Creation Information topic to find out how to properly create your character.


1. No Arguing At All
-To most people, this is nothing major, but to the people here, it's law. Arguing ruins everything, and it's nothing that we want. If you feel angry at someone, simply back off, and take a break for a while.

2. No Pornographic Images/Text/Links
-This is for roleplaying, not getting your jollies off. We don't want that kind of thing here. It's against terms of service. This also means NO CYBERING.

3. No Racism
-I don't care how funny you think the jokes are, they aren't proper for here. We're not racist, and we won't be.


More rules will be added in time.