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WELCOME!!!! Welcome one and all to The Furries Nook. This is a guild for everyone not just Furries lets get that out there right now, Comeing to make some more Furrie friends? comeing to Rp? or just need some help with a problem youve come to the right place. I hope you have a great time here in The Furries Nook.

it may seem a bit rough at first but i promise ill keep workin on it so if theres something you dont like just pm me and ill be sure to do my best to solve it.

I have one major rule that everyone mod or not needs to follow. NO BASHING i can't stand bashers you get into a arugement with someone ok then as long as it doesnt interfer with the workings of th guild fight away. But if i get a report that your bashing someone for ANY reasion you will be removed from this Guild.NO EXCPTIONS