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Welcome! Do you have a mind full of ideas and an inventory full of items? Is your closet full to bursting but you still want to create more? Do you see others creating their avis and want to give them some helpful tips? Or are you a new user just starting to build your own closet? Then this is the guild for you!

Note: The guild shop and donations are set up through my mule account's, inu_spike892, store. I will be putting items up for purchase when necessary.

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This guild is an attempt at creating a communal space for anyone and everyone who enjoys crafting new outfits for their avatars. It doesn't matter if you are an expert or a novice, everyone can learn something from the experiences of others.

As the creator of over 1000 unique, personal outfits, I (inu_spike89 --HI!!) have seen my style change significantly over the years. This is partially due to the advice and feedback I received from the community. But, mostly, I love experimenting with different colors, styles, themes, and items.

When tektek was still alive (RIP), I made and participated in countless threads, creating and editing outfits for all sorts of avis! I had so much fun, and it made such a difference to receive constructive criticism on my creations.

This is what The Full Closet Guild is all about. It's a place for everyone on gaia to share their creations, ideas, aspirations, failures, and triumphs when crafting their avatars.

So, what should you expect to get from being a member?
*Making Friends
*Enjoying and Participating in Contests using either your closet creations or the Avatar Builder.
*Learning New Information about Avi Building.
*Promoting your own skills (and quests).
*Using your knowledge to help others in their journeys.
*Asking Questions and Getting Answers from your fellow Gaians who have been creating avatars and quests for a long time.
*Getting feedback from your fellow members.
*And much more!

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The Member Showcase is based on participation in the Showcase thread within the Guild. Members can post avis that they are working on, working towards, have finished questing, or plan to start questing. The Showcase is based on submission to the thread and is open to all members of the Guild. We want to showcase that this guild is appropriate for all users who are interested in creating unique builds - no matter what their level of experience.

June 2020 Showcase
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1.) Abide by GaiaOnline's ToS. They exist for a reason, so please follow accordingly.
2.) This is a Safe Space guild. Any discrimination of any kind will be met with an automatic ban from the guild and a report of the user submitted to Gaia staff.
3.) No stealing other member creations. We are all posting our work on here in good faith; please, do not steal. You may ask your fellow gaians for advice, or you may request to imitate a design (which does not mean you can use the design in the interim), but do no steal.
4.) Activity Policy
    A. All new members must make their introduction thread within two weeks, fourteen days, of joining. Failure to do so may result in removal from the Guild.

    B. As long as you post two or more times a month, your membership will not be forfeit.

    • If I notice that you are not keeping up with this rule, I will PM you a reminder.
    • If you continue to be absent from the guild, there may be consequences. (Exceptions to this would be if you have made a post about an extended hiatus or if you sent me a PM to let me know you will be absent.)

    C. If you are removed from the guild due to inactivity, you may request to rejoin the guild at a later date.

5.) Help promote the guild. If you see someone looking for a similar or matching guild, let them know about joining The Full Closet!
6.) Participate in the guild contests and activities if you can. Remember, this is a community, not a one man wolf pack.
7.) Report thefts, inappropriate topics/discussion, suspected violations of ToS, or suspicious activities/posts to Guild Leader, or most active mod, FIRST. If a solution cannot be reached, an official report will be made by the Leader or investigating Mod.
9.) No arguments in the forum. If you and another member have a dispute, please take it to PM. If the problem still persists, please contact Guild Leader or Moderator for more assistance.
10.) Please PM Guild Leader or Mods if you are going offline for an extended period of time (fourteen days or more).
11.) Please give credit where credit is due. If you want to post about another user who may not be a member of the guild, you MUST give credit via a quote to the original user so that they know you are posting their work. If, however, that user did not give you permission, you posted anyway, and you get caught, you will immediately be dismissed from the guild for plagiarism. Yes, posting up someone else's outfit is still plagiarism.
12) Above all, have fun!

All credit for brushes used in the banner designs throughout the Guild belongs to This Person