A roleplay of friends and adventure, on guilds and zOMG!

1. You must name your foxes or Fox something nobody else has. No stealing names, and you can't have the same name if someone before you has it already, no exceptions!
2. When talking, please use it like this Name *pads into clearing* Hello. And please do not use it like this She walked into the clearing. "Hello" name said.
3. No fighting! Unless it's only part of the roleplay, please don't get seriously mad at someone! 3
4. No inappropriate content! PLEASE do not describe fox mating, birth, and no sexual comments or treats! You are allowed to swear if you star it.
5. I do love warrior cats to death, but no warrior names. No warrior names from the books, or any of your own, unless you chose something like, for example, Brambleclaw. You can use Bramble, but not claw.
6. WE ARE FOXES. NOT WOLVES. Only Inari's beads! Please no bad moon wolves!
7. When going into zOMG!, there should be a date and time set up. We will agree on a server and area, according to my CL. If you are lower, we will always defib you and try to make sure you don't die to often. If you are higher, please lower if we are doing, for example, She-wolf, Papa saw, Katsumi's Doll, The Hive, Deadman's Pass or anything else.
8. Have fun and if you quit please send me a PM telling me that you quit and I will never come running to you and begging you to come back. XD


*CRACK.* You heard something. What was that? Hopefully it wasn't the animated. Your ear flicks in all directions, trying to find where the sound came from. Your tail(s) swish(es) back and forth.
Suddenly, a pure white fox with an icy shadow, a fire orange tip of tail, a navy blue swirl on forehead, two aqua dots over her eyes, and the most blue eyes you've ever seen in your life. You take a step back, your paw crunching some leaves, your tail(s) calm. The fox looks at you with wisdom in her eyes. She took a breath in, and it seemed as if her teeth were icicles. "I am Yuki. Why are you on our territory?" she asked you, her eyes dropping slightly. Yuki's fur ruffled in the wind. She spoke again as a lump formed in your throat. "Why are you on our territory?" You gathered courage. "I was only exploring."
Yuki laughed. It was a warm laugh, not a cruel one. "Would you like to join our clan, young fox?" Your eyes widened. "I can? Really?" Yuki smiled. "Of course. But you must agree to fight the forces of the animated with us and protect our clan members." You nodded, understanding. "I agree." Yuki's tail beckoned as she cleared away some leaves with her front leg. "Welcome."