Welcome to one of the largest non-poll guilds on Gaia!
Read this whole page before even attempting to join. And yes, we can tell if you dont.
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This guild is dedicated to the Final Fantasy VII Video Game for the Sony Playstation, Playstation 2, and PC.

To Join, submit a join request following the format supplied a little ways down this page. If you do not use that format and answer the questions, you will not get into this guild. Also, show us your typing skills are good and that you dont butcher english to a pulp. But make sure you read the rules on this page before requesting, as it WILL have a bearing on your ability to join the guild. Thanks a bunch!

Here in this guild we will have all things FF7. There will be something for everyone from new players to experienced pros!
Even if you've never played the game before, you can still be a member of our group! (This is something other guilds discourage...but not here!)
As long as you aren't here to bash FFVII and make everyone's time here miserable you are welcome to stay and hang out. We may even convince you to try the game for yourself. wink
We're all here so we can hang out, talk about FF7 and just have a good time. One thing you should be aware of.

We feature:
  • Role-Playing - The Official Guild RP, "Sanctuary of the Ancients," is open!
  • Strategies
  • Fan Fiction
  • Fan Art
  • Guild ID Cards
  • Lottos
  • Game Support
  • Chocobo Racing
  • Chibi-Battle Arena
  • Turtle's Pair'o'Dice
  • Various contests!

We have in the works:
  • Our OWN Guild Walkthrough/Game Guide
  • The Final Fantasy VII Guild Novelization Project (now a separate guild)
  • and much much more!

To Join:
Fill out these few simple questions in your Join Request form.
(Hint: Theres a password that should go in question 4 that youd know if you read the rules located at the end of this page)
  1. What is your experience with FFVII?
  2. Why do you want to be a member of the FFVII Guild?
  3. Why should you be accepted over other applicants to the Guild?
  4. Have you read the rules?


The Rules:
1. Keep in line with the Gaia Online TOS. If you aren't familiar with the GaiaOnline Terms of Service, you may find it here: Terms of Service
2. Keep quotes to a minimum:of 4 quote boxes per post, this prevents the page being a massive tower of grey boxes and allows other members to actually find the current point of discussion quicker.
3. Respect the Moderators! They volunteer to help keep this Guild in order for your benefit, if you have a problem with a Moderator's decision either contact that Moderator in particular to discuss it or PM the Captain/Vice-Captain if you feel that it is genuine power abuse, etc.
4. No Spamming.
5. No Cybering.
6. No flaming/trolling please. If a problem arises with one of the users, please ask him/her to stop. If that attempt is unsuccessful please contact one of the Moderators.
7. No Role-Playing outside the Role-Playing Stickies/Sub-forum.
8. If your thread has the potential to be a spoiler, please include SPOILER in the title in some format please, the game has been out a long time but that does not mean everyone is as far as you or knows as much as you.
9. DO NOT make repeat threads, if there is already a thread with your topic in existence I (or one of the mods) will lock the thread and make it an example to the rest of the guild.
10. DO NOT BUMP THREADS! The ONLY exception to this rule is if the thread has moved to the 2nd page.
11. DO NOT BEG for Gold/Items/Donations! Make a quest thread in the Charity/Quests Sub-Forum and we can advertise in the Wall Market for you.
12. DO NOT make threads such as "Need help?" or "Ask me questions about the game". Instead I would prefer that people who have questions make a thread about it so everyone has a shot at answering the questions.
13. DO NOT make Quiz Threads
14. DO NOT create versus threads (ie. Cloud vs. Sephiroth or Who would win!, etc.) UNLESS you provide arguments for all sides as to how they could win, also, these threads should only be made in the Battle Square sub-forum.
15. ALWAYS read the very first post to avoid spamming.
16. ALWAYS use the best appropriate subforum for each new topic.
17. DO NOT PM the Captain, Vice-Captain, or any of the moderators to join the guild, unless a special circumstance has risen that would require us to invite you. You will have to explain said circumstance, and if we feel that it is plausible, then we may invite you. However, if you were BANNED by a mod from the guild, then we will NOT invite you, ever. So don't even ask.
18. DO NOT harass mods by begging for gold, items, etc. Your PMs will be ignored, and you may end up receiving a reprimand within the guild for such behavior.
19. If your join request was rejected, do not harass the moderators about it, as it will considerably lessen ANY chance of you joining the guild. If you were rejected chances are it was because you did not read the rules or did not follow the joining guide-lines.
20. Play nicely. You are all entitled to your own opinions of who ends up with Cloud, but verbally attacking another member (or dissing on a pairing without any actual evidence, NOT opinion, to back it up) is not allowed. You can discuss whatever you wish about Final Fantasy VII, but you have no right to be a jerk about it.
21. Please, please do NOT donate to the guild right now. The guild has more than enough money, and we would like it if our members could keep their hard earned money instead of giving it to us. We appreciate the offer, but it won't be necessary. smile
22. This rule has bearing on Join Requests only. If you have read these rules, answer for the fourth question in the Join Request form "Choco Billy read me the rules." This tagline will give you the true ability to become a member of the guild.

If you got denied before, but reread the rules and understand why you got denied, please PM Dread Lycan with the required information to get invited to the guild.

Flaming: A post made to insult another user un-neededly.

Trolling: Similar to Flaming, Trolling is posting insulting/objectional messages/image to provoke a, usually angry, response.

Spamming: A post that has nothing to do with the topic subject/discussion.

Cybering: Text based sex through role-play.

Bump/Bumping: Bring Up My Post. The word Bump is usually posted in a topic that is lacking activity or has fallen off the front page to draw attraction to it, as bumping causes the thread in question to rise to the top of the discussion page.

PM: Private Message.

Begging: Harrassing another member continually by asking for gold and/or items.

Guild Affiliates:

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Heart of the Empire ~[Jade Empire Role Playing Guild]~
Owned by Dread Lycan
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~*Waiting On The Stars*~ The Cloti [CloudXTifa] Guild
Owned by Lunar Schemer
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"Our Strength" - The TifaxAeris Guild
Owned by foxyboy_chan
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The Soldier & The Flower Girl - The Cloud & Aerith Guild
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~*~ Galbadia Garden ~*~ A Final Fantasy VIII RP Guild
Current owner: X_Major_Raikov_X
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