Are you a Final Fantasy fan? Are you overly obsessed to the point of no return? Then this place is for you! ^_^

To be able to join this guild, you're going to have to take a test or submit an RP sample (as this is also an RP-driven guild). It may be hard, it may be easy, but that's up to you. You can either give your answers on your request form or you can either PM me or the other moderators and vice captains listed below for your answers to the test. The test and RP prompts are located below.

-Vice Captains-

Gwyn Masamune


1. In the entire Final Fantasy series, one name has been in every game except for two of them. What is this name? (2pts)
2. Name the three basic spells and all of their levels (2pts)
**3. Name the main storyline character for Final Fantasy VI. (Essay, 10pts)
4. Which Final Fantasy creature was not only the runner up in appearing in the most games but was also a playable character in one of them? (2pts)
5. Why is the RPG series called "Final Fantasy"? (4pts)

Total: /20

**Essay meaning 2-3 sentences.


Choose any Final Fantasy game that you want, but you must include either of these phrases. Minimum requirement is 200 words, to go over the 2000 character limit of the request form, you MUST PM:

*"...and two itty bitty spiders encountered a chocolate milkshake"
*"Ifrit stared down his summoner, the contest of wills almost palpable between them. Finally, timidly, the mortal made his move.

We'll try to reply ASAP and good luck! wink


Here chat with other members about your favorite games, characters, random topics, join current RPs (which is a sort of free form style RP), and check in with the latest works in progress by SquareEnix.

Date of Origin: March/April '03 by Vikki, transferred to GGN August '04

Guild Alliances:
The Final Fantasy Fellowship Guild
The Al Bhed Chat Guild