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Mabuhay! First of all, this is NOT a racist guild, so smart alec' people, don't go on jumping to conclusions yet sweatdrop This guild is mainly here to look for fellow Filipinos worldwide who are far away from home and misses their homeland. We are here to connect our "KABABAYANS" and talk freely in out native tongue which is "Filipino". So don't be shocked if you see all of us speaking it with all our heart. Don't worry, we all know how to speak English, so if you're lost we'll give you a hand. biggrin



We will be speaking in our native tongue inside.


Please be reminded of the Following

- You can ask to join in this guild by clicking the "Request To Join" at the upper right corner of this page. Please do NOT PM me. I've accommodated requests made via pms, but I will no longer do so from now on. It's not that I hate answering pms but it's just that my INBOX is starting to get FILLED. I always go online everyday and I often find many pms requesting to join. What-if I go in one of my trips and I won't be online for days...that for my inbox. So, please...use that useful GGN tool at the corner ^_^;;

- Please place a reason why you want to join. Blank and senseless applications will be automatically denied.

- If your application was denied, don't be in what I've listed above and see what went wrong. You may apply again anytime.

~TFGG's Captain and Crew

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