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A guild dedicated specifically to the members of the Fighting Game Forum, a guild in which we can talk about fighting games without being hassled by those who seem to think that Soul Calibur 2 (or such) is the best game ever. Fanboys/girls aren't welcome, and experienced Fighting Gamers are always wanted.

Interested members should send a formal request. Various members of the guild will review the possible member's message history and decide on it. We don't want people coming from the Chatterbox, or members posting opinions such as "OMG SOUL CALIBUR RULEZ OVER TEKKEN!!!1!!1" for obvious reasons.

Members should have an open mind to both 2-D and 3-D gaming, fighting games old and new, from Genesis to Playstation 2. From Street Fighter to Super Smash Bros. Melee, and even Samurai Shodown to Power Stone.

This is a free guild, open to all those who wish to speak intelligently about fighting games.

Bear in mind, the guild is not a replacement for the Fighting Game Forum, but a meeting place for those who do not like to have threads and conversation ruined by a random 'omgwtf d00d he suks'. Think of the guild as a club, free from regular FGF chaos.

-Daxmort- (The Hit 'n' Run Fighting Gamer.)

Satsu Ryu
Art of War is awesome

Know thyself and know thy enemy
Fear naught in every battle
Know thyself and know not thy enemy
Find victory and defeat in equal measure
Know thy enemy but know not thyself
Find defeat in every battle

-Sun Tzu