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*Your Walkie Talkie you stole crackles as a voice comes to life on it*

...the news, when we had news, said it started in New York City. Blamed it on terrorists they said. Blamed it on bio-weapons they said. Didn't take long for the Government to go into a panic. Here they were, the United States of America, hit with a 'second terrorist attack' in less than fifteen years, hit in the same damn city. Now reader, let me tell you something. I was in New York when this whole situation went to hell. There was no attack. No bio-weapon. It started with a sickness, a..a disease.

The symptoms of this disease are clear as the sun. You get a fever. You die. You come back, eating the nurse and doctor dragging their bloodied corpses out of the hospital. How do I know this? I saw it with my own bloody eyes. The dead are alive. The Fallen rise again. No one is safe. It escalates with a bite, or a scratch. Heh, they thought swine flu was bad. I've seen friends, not ever encountering the Dead, dying and coming back. You're never truly dead. No, not until the brain is gone. Kaput. Destroyed. Obliterated.

Cities fell. The country went under lock down. But that didn't stop anything. The news said the same infection appeared in Dublin, Moscow, Tokyo, Beijing, Sydney, Cario, Paris, Rome, Rio de Janerio, Buenos Aires. Hell it was everywhere. There was no safe place anymore. It was airborne. It is in every single one of us. We can only sit here, bide our time and prey each night that one of the Zeds don't shamble by and have us as a midnight snack.

You're probably asking, Where's a good safe house? Hell no one knows anymore. I've been from city to city, looking myself. New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Diego, New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami, D.C. All gone. You can't trust anywhere.

I can only offer you some advice. Stay away from the so-called military protected safe spots. They aren't safe. They always get overrun. Happened to Fort Knox, happened to Fort Benning, Maxwell Airforce Base, and about every place I can think of. Stay away from them.

Second, the Dead isn't what you have to be afraid of. It's the living that you must watch out for. A hungry man is willing to do anything to feed himself or his family. Be wary of that.

Third, noise will screw you over friend. Gunshots, car horns, alarms, anything that is loud will attract a Herd, or Horde, which is a bunch of the Dead in a group. They'll swarm over you and easily overwhelm you.

That is all for now my friends. Stay safe. Board your safe houses up. Keep each other from becoming one of them. Aim for the brain. This is the Voice of Life, signing off.

*Your radio shuts off*

-Rules to Join-
Put the following in your join request. Anything not added will end up in a automatic disapproval of membership.

1. Do you like Zombies in general?
2. Do you play any zombie games/watch any zombie shows and/or movies
3. Please give a sample of your RP, a minimum of five sentence. Please watch grammar, as horrible grammar (ex. using txt speech in your RP) will result in immediate disapproval of membership.