Folanor was a kingdom that overlooked the happenings of all of the Giral, the realm of magic. For most of recorded time, things were good. Few wars occurred, and those that did were quickly snuffed out. There was, however, one day when darkness began the end. An army marched to the capital with one goal in mind: Destroy Folanor. With no expectations of surviving they raided the city and fought a bloody battle. Few escaped, and those who did would never forget what they saw. The leader of the army searched the castle top to bottom, finding what he was searching for at the heart. A crystal which kept balance for the world. So struck with greed and hate he destroyed it, but before there was a chance for him to gather the pieces the world cracked. It bled out to Earth, the two places mixing in a way that should have never happened. The creatures that made their way there hid, disguising themselves as human to not disturb the population. Gateways between the worlds are hidden, but some have stumbled upon them and gained the ability to create their own. Once returning, however, it was far from how they remembered it. Cities in ruin, but others built new, some inhabited by survives of war, but some by the ones who began it. If there is a chance to return Giral to it's former glory, someone has to find the way to do just that.

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