The Fairy Police - keeping the peace at the end of a wand!

As a member of the Fairy Police you will be responsible for enforcing law across Gaia. This may come in the form of arresting bad guys, defusing volatile situations or simply helping a citizen. With your Justice Wand in hand you will be at the front line of the fight against crime and as such you will be granted certain powers, which include (but aren't limited to)

Questioning Suspects
Harassing and Tyrannizing the masses
Arresting Suspects
Wand Pokings
Wand Zappings
Performing Marriage Ceremonies

If you are interested in joining the Fairy Police, please submit in writing (no less than 200 words) why you feel you are qualified to become a Fairy Police Officer. Applicants without the proper starting equipment will be turned down.

Minimum starting equipment required
Fairy Wand (aka Justice Wand)
Officers Badge (Gold/Silver/Bronze)

Additional Equipment
Lawl and Order Blue Officers Cap
Lawl and Order Blue Uniform Top
Lawl and Order Belt
Lawl and Order Shoes
White Medical Gloves
Lawl and Order Blue Pants/Cool Basic Skirt + White Mid Sock

There is a small joining fee to pay for basic training and the xmas party.

-Matilda Freeman, Fairy Police VC
The Fairy Police - To Swerve and Protract.