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"In behalf of Student Body Organization, Faculty and Staff.. We warmly welcome you new student at The Resonance Skies Academy!

I'm Ryusuke Tsukamoto, the Student Council President.
You have chosen to study in this Academy for a certain reason of course.. But let me discuss with you briefly the overview of this school."

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User ImageThe Resonance Skies Academy specializes Music and Astronomy as its offered courses. Which means, you are required to choose a department you want to be part of; either Music or Astronomy. Once you've chosen your course, as a reminder, you cannot shift from one department to another.

Oh! And another thing, This is a SPECIAL Academy full of randomness. You will soon find out what I mean, once you get the hang of the daily routines. But yeah! I'll definitely assure you that you will enjoy your stay.

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"This is a PRIVATE RP guild. As much as possible, we are limiting the acceptance and also screening carefully who will join our school. We need responsible students (Active).

Also, this is a semi-literate to Literate level guild.
If you do wish to enroll and learn more. Just click JOIN and provide the following (This serves as their entrance exam):

1. How do you know about us? (Guild network, from a friend referral *Kindly indicate who*, from the banners)
2. Why would you like to join the Enchanted Rhapsody?
3. Your time zone?
4. How often do you go online?
5. Sample RP (no links, please)

If you fail to comply with the necessary requirements, your request will be automatically rejected.

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"Just like other academies, we're particular when it comes to school rules and regulations. Well we do have a policy here..."

Always follow the Gaia ToS.

Please follow all instructions from the Student Council President and the Vice president. (Captain and VC)

Be Active. You have to post from time to time. We don't want other students to be stuck for a long period of time. If you won't be able to be online for a few days or so. Please be responsible enough to let us know through posting at the Absences thread. We do clean out inactive members from time to time.

Always include the name and the Character's pic as part of your post. We need to know the person whom we're dealing with. It's hard to course through the posts without proper identity. Keep picture size to 400x300 pixels or less.

This is a semi-lit guild. We are strictly against 'one liners'. As much as possible, make your posts longer and with decent content. Minimum of 3-5 sentences may do. That way, we could be able to interact with you properly.

Develop your relationships!. Crushes or admiration is okay, but no love at first sight! Though this may seem off topic but we encourage everyone to get to know each other before romance and warm, fuzzy feelings ensue.

Strictly no omnipresence. You cannot be in two places at the same time. Make sure to include whenever you exit a certain location. Ex: (exits to the Library) .

No Godmodding. Auto hitting, killing other RPer's character is definitely a Nooooo!! Always be courteous in asking the owner's permission before doing these things.

All Characters are subject for screening. You need to submit your profiles at the Character Profiles thread provided at the main forum. Wait for us to approve it. Play your character according to his profile. If you wish to edit or do some changes, you have to post it again at the Characters Profiles thread for approval.

No Character is Perfect!. No character is good in everything, that also includes their talents or abilities. Keep in mind their character flaws must be actual flaws. We believe that everyone has its own strengths and weaknesses, annoying bad habits, mannerism and physical imperfections as well as virtues.

Character Limit. Once your first character has been accepted. We would be allowing you to enter other characters after two weeks of constant RP and we hate character neglecting.

No Cybering. DO TIME SKIP for heaven's sake! This includes extended or intense making out and groping. Once hands and lips start meandering, or it lasts for a few posts, SKIP. (Do not 'take it to PMs' or solicit others to do so--this is still against the ToS of GaiaOnline).

Grammar and spelling count. Please write in standard English Grammar. No chatspeak or other pseudo-English dialects. If your fellow RPers can't understand what you're saying, they probably won't interact with your character and you'll be left out. It is fine to link to pictures, songs, etc, to augment your post in moderation.

Don't take the RP personally. Just because a character dislikes yours or insults yours, it doesn't mean their player has a problem with you. You cannot force everyone to be nice to your character or think your character is pretty or cool. Please don't stir up drama outside the RP because of things that happened in character. Remember we are only RPing our characters base on their personalities.

15. No animated images in post formats. Not only are they distracting, but they can cause lag and even headaches and eyestrain for other RPers. Also avoid using light colored or extremely bright font colors. Post styles should be readable--only choose colors from the medium to dark levels of the spectrum, please. No teal, yellow or super-pale pink.

16. Please refrain from using pictures of well known anime and manga characters. If it's someone who is instantly recognizable to most people, don't use it. It detracts from the setting to see characters we all know, so find someone less recognizable if you're not using your own artwork.

17 Do not take anything from this guild that does not belong to you. This includes borrowing characters; never copy-paste anything from someone else's profiles. Do not take original artwork, post styles, anything. If we catch anyone doing this, it is grounds for expulsion.

Once we catch someone breaking these rules, we will definitely 'flag' you. Which means the Student Council will call your attention through PM ^^

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School Co-Curricular Activities. Clubs and Organizations.
School Events. Events varies from the season and occasion
Ranking System Your characters will have the chance to acquire new skills and at the same time level up. Rules and Guidelines are written at the Ranking System thread.

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