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A Note From the Headmaster…

Hello dear friend, and congratulations. Why do I congratulate you, you ask? Ah well, I am so glad you asked. You see, you have been invited to join The Elfin Magic Academy. This academy is for special people. Only the best and brightest are allowed to enroll. If you were invited well, that I assure you is no easy feat. You should be honored.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Zoje Hathens. I am the headmaster of this school as well as the Using Attack Magic professor. This school as I have said before, is for special people. If you are enrolled, you can do magic. You will learn about the history of magic, which by the way is very important, how to use it defend yourself as well as attack others. You will learn how to use your powers to survive in the outdoors. Who needs a tent when you can make yourself waterproof? You will also learn how to fight without magic. Fist fighting, sword fighting, even karate if you like.

The school is a very, very, very old castle of which is surrounded by a dark dense magical forest. Students are not officially prohibited from going into the forest, but a word of caution: if you do so venture out into the woods, be prepared for the worst. I would not recommend going in alone. It’s full of giant carnivorous plants, hundreds of magical beasts that like to eat anything from broccoli to human fingers (I speak from experience). Not to mention the quick sand and the wood elves.

Surrounding the forest is the Aditlon Mountains. The famous ‘scientists’ and such have named then the Himalayas, but in this school we prefer to call them by the name that the elves gave them. Students are NOT allowed to go anywhere near them.

If you enroll, please make sure that sign up for some classes. We are currently a bit short in staff, so some classes cannot be signed up for at the moment. Potions class will be on a temporary hold seeing as how Dr. Maxwell is on, err, temporary leave. The same goes for Magical Plants and Fungi, Weapons Techniques, and History of Magic. If you are interested in becoming a teacher for one of these positions (excluding potions) please send me a private message (zoje972).

Good luck, and welcome to the Academy.

Headmaster Zoje

Rules and Such

1) You MUST MUST MUST fill out a character skeleton and post it in the Character profile thread BEFORE you may start RPing.
2) No Godmodding, only I can do that.
3) Don’t kill off anyone unless you have their permission.
4) You may sign up for 3 classes. If you wish to take more then fill out the extra classes application.
5) You MUST post often or you will be banned.
6) You may have up to three characters and a pet. You MUST fill out a skeleton for all of them though.
7) You will also be assigned a dorm room, you roommate will be chosen for you.


It all began with the gift of magic

Long ago the gods created life upon our planet. Of course it was not known as Earth in that time. The Gods had given it a very special name. They named it after the being they believed had created themselves, Eretha. The first life forms called themselves elves. The gods loved their creations so much that they bestowed upon them the same power that they possessed, the elves named it magic.

The story begins with the Council of Elves. There are six of them. Each of them are scholars of the six different magic abilities. A horrible plague has pounced upon the Elvin and other magical species. In a desperate attempt to save themselves they teach their ways to a young human girl named Jaylin. As she grows older she takes up six pupils, and teaches each of them one of the different magic abilities. As time goes on the each of the pupils learn an apprentice in their ability. The process continues for decades until one generation of apprentices decides to open a school for select students so that the abilities may be taught to more than one person. The current apprentices are the professors at the school. The headmaster, Zoje, is the also the Using Attack Magic professor. The new school year has begun and they are preparing themselves for the inevitable fight that will draws closer with each passing day…


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