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A guild for everyone with an interest in avatar edits, this guild contains more edits than any guild or shop anywhere else.

What it Offers
Avatar Edit Shops from multiple editors
Avatar Edit Collections
Avatar Edit Events and Contests
Avatar Edit Auctions
Avatar Edit Tutorials and Resources
Chat Threads


Why another avatar editing guild? What about Kiddo's guild, Meri's guild, Facades and all the rest?

This guild is not exclusive to a small cluster of editors. This guild is an attempt to get *all* editors(or as many as possible) into one place. By no means would you have to shut down your current thread/guild to join this one, but by running a shop or purchasing edits here, you would be supporting a more unified avatar editing community.

I'm already a member of all those other guilds you mentioned, and I have all the thread shops I'm interested in on my subscription list. Why should I join *your* guild?

Firstly, this really isn't *my* guild, its a combination effort and as such is an *our* guild. I am not giving my shop or edits any more flounce than anyone else here, it is listed as a normal thread on the main guild page along with everyone elses.

Secondly, this guild is currently public, has no inactivity penalties and carries no entrance fee, so there is no reason not to join. There are no set standards for collections and shops, you can copy paste whatever you want from wherever you want and not worry about changing the codes in the slightest. The rules in this guild are as broad as they can be, but you are encouraged to create your own rules if you own your own shop.

Why didn't I hear about this guild earleir?

I've had the idea for a while, but no incentive to put it into action. I am currently an editor of facades, but since that guild has been under renovations for over a year now, I thought it was about time to get my shop(from that guild) back up and running(facades is now closed). I did not want to start another forum-shop, however, since I already run one. The other alternative was to start a guild, which I have considered in the past but it seemed like a lot of effort just for my one shop.