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You enter an old, run-down inn from the looks of the outside. It reads “Bob’s” on a swinging plank outside the door. An aging man tends the bar, wiping off the counter beside a nearly passed-out creature at the end of the bar. Looking around, there’s not many populating the tavern. Before you say anything, you’re greeted by the old man.

“Ah, you’re a face I haven’t seen around these parts. You’ll have to excuse me. We don’t get newcomers often. Please, welcome, come in, young traveler.

Welcome to Astaporatia, a great and vast land of bounty, where the harvest is aplenty and the seasons are generous. Where you can find just about anything you need, whether you are from town or country. You are one of us, though some may not trust you for who or what you are.
You see, while the sun shines bright on this land, those in the dark control its power. Alliances are dangerous if not deadly, but without them, you hold no power for yourself.

Be careful, young traveler.

Astaporatia is a mouthful to say, isn’t it? That name stems from words of an elder age: equal, neutral ground. But that’s no longer the case. While humans are plentiful in this land, and among them they lead peaceful lives, the power is held within the special races. You are of those races, too.

These races are in constant quarrel and war with each other. There is no trust in one another, no truth which can be believed, and no end to the warring in sight.
But that wasn’t always the case. You, like others who have grown up during these times know of the tales and legends of the past, where the kingdoms claiming rule in the land all grew and prospered together. If you didn’t grow up having the story of the Book of Ages told to you as a wee child, your friends did. A tale told down the generations of days where people’s anger and fear and hate were sealed away to make room for peace. But of course, those were only tales that parents told children so they wouldn’t go searching for trouble.

You’re smarter though, right? Less arrogant too. See, you know there’s no reason for those damned vampires of Nightvale to come help neither elf nor ware, and surely not their hated enemies, the mage.
Hell, the only kind they are on good terms with are the dragons, for some crazy reason. Maybe that’s why they made their claim to the northeast. You know, Durandal, the kingdom right beside the vamps. They seem to be the only regular travelers in these times. Fair merchants too, so long as you don’t piss one off. Can’t say the same about the Elves. You don’t hear anything of elf on the roads, even the ones coming from the south from Sylvenor. Hell, you hear more about the mages down there, or the occasional ware. But I suppose that’s to be expected. Most around here see the elves and mages on one side, dragons and vamps on the other, with the wares in the middle fighting among themselves and that psycho new king of theirs. In a tavern like this, you hear an awful lot. But that’s for another day.

At least I hope you’re smarter than some, like my boy Barry. You haven’t heard of him, have you? He set out to learn from the mages in Karst. He claims if he learns enough at the college of mages, he too can be a mage. But the last word I heard from him is he ran into some trouble. Don’t know what happened, but the rumors aren’t good. A group of wares came in one afternoon, talking about shaking down by boy. Course, I kept my mouth shut. Turned out they found him roaming with some weird mages that have been starting trouble on the outskirts of the Heights. They called him “Barry the Snitcher,” but that’s not my business. Oh, every now and then somebody puts two and two together and asks me about him. Hasn’t happened in a while.

But hey, if you see my boy, give him a message for me. “Don’t come home, son.”

Never mind just thought I’d ask. Be careful out there, young traveler. “

To Enter answer these questions (YOU CAN NOT AND WILL NOT ENTER THIS GUILD TILL YOU request to join by answering these questions)

1.what is your favorite race out of the five?and why?
2. why do you think the book was opened?
3.who side will you join, Elven, Dragons, Mages, Vamps, or Wares?
4. when you join what is the first thing you will do?
5. do you have a discord or skype? If yes what is your username with tag if applicable if not can you get one