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This is the Incubator which originally operated in the Dragon's Lair Guild. This guild will continue to offer all the services of the original Incubator, such as the Incubator itself where Dragon Cave members' scrolls and their dragons are displayed and the Infirmary where eggs and hatchlings below 4 days and 2 hours are placed and walked.

Also offered are
* a Help Guide for Healthy Dragons
* subforums for other adoptables (Valenth, Komuri, unicreatures, etc.) to meet members' needs and requests
* chat threads

The rules of the guild are simple.
(1) Be friendly. We're all here to have fun!
(2) Abide by the rules and TOS of Gaia and of the sites from which you have your adoptables. No exceptions to this rule!
(3) No entry fees or donations are expected.

In your join request, please include if you have Dragon Cave or any site(s) adoptables/ breedables.

So, come in and have a look around! And again welcome to the Dragons Keep!