This is the Legendary Demon Tournament League, Home of Fighter's, Home of Champion's. We fight to determine the best of the best, and our prizes aren't half bad either.

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We have Individual Tournaments, Tag Team Tournaments, Team Tournaments, the Coliseum Tournament, Ranked Tournaments, The Challenge Series, Demon Dice Dueling, and much much more.

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I Great Superbia I (Ravenstrife)
Inaugural Towns Demon Tournament(June-July 2010)

White Angel Nearafear
Inaugural Forums Demon Tournament(July-August 2010)
Demon Coliseum Tournament (March - April 2012)

Valdera Kopin
Fall Forums Demon Tournament(October-November 2010)

Fall Towns Demon Tournament (December-January 2010-2011)
Forums RPC Tournament (April 2011)

Uriel Von Angelus
Inaugural Demon Coliseum Tournament (February-March 2011)

Inaugural Demon Coliseum Tournament (February-March 2011)

Ceric Leox
Demon Coliseum Tournament (July-September 2011)

Luna Sabaki
Forum Demon Tournament (January-February 2012)

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Ceric Leox and Krish Leox
Inaugural Demon Tag Team Tournament (June-July 2011)

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We are Currently Looking for Sponsor's, Feel free to apply within to become a Sponsor of the Demon League.