Welcome to The Hospital...

Far from the bustle of the city lies a hospital. Surrounded by ravines and forests, it seems somewhat welcoming.
The name of this large building is called The Cute Nurse Hospital, or Byounin Kangoshi no Kawaii. What lies inside is yours to discover...

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Welcome to the Cute Nurse Hospital! We are a role playing guild that has been growing since the 2007 Halloween Event: Humans VS. Vampires.
Please join and create a role playing character! We don't bite! (Much...)
All we ask of you is that you follow our rules, the Gaia TOS, and have fun! As you can tell, we are role playing as nurses, doctors, patients, and many more types of jobs at the hospital!

So, if you'd like to join, please fill out this simple form:

User Name:
Why You'd Like To Join:
Ideal Hospital Job: (As in what job you may want)

Just apply for the guild and answer those few things for us!


Bulletin Board:

. Guild is going under construction! This won't take long!

. If you make donations to the guild, please donate to Cute Nurse Hospital. This is so that we can do things like contests and other exciting things. Thank you!


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Come Again Soon~!

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Hospital Giftshop
The Recovery Ward