Hello and Welcome to The Curiosity Shop - A Home For the Strange and Open Minded.

We are Gaia's collection of freaks, weirdos, artists, free thinkers, experimentalists, and wanderers.

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The Curiosity Shop is home to anyone who has ever loved the dark, the strange, the spiritual, the artistic, the creepy, the unnatural, the unusual, and the surreal. We are unique individuals.

You don't have to label yourself as anything to be a part of our home, as long as you are open to new ideas and true to your own self, you will fit right in here. All are welcome.

You can be yourself here, we will never judge each other, but only learn from each other and possibly expand ourselves. The close minded and judgmental are not welcome to our halls.

Feel free to talk about yourself, make friends, ask questions, role play, have deep discussions, or just feel at ease amongst other people who may or may not fit in.

To join, please just include your name, age, some interests, and why you want to join. I hope to see you roaming our halls and finding a room of your own very soon.