This guild takes six popular roleplay genres (Magical Academy, Modern Fantasy, S&M, Horror Asylum, Action, Sci-Fi) and combines them under one main idea. Co-existing.

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For six centuries, the four Gods have been playing out an experiment. They gathered volunteers and victims (those forced/kidnapped into it) to live within these walls. They created six different Regions. The doors were closed and locked, untouched until 600 years finally passed.

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Only those with a Region Crystal ID may pass into other Regions. Those without Crystal IDs are known as the Solitari. They are to be captured, memory erased, and placed into a Region using a careful assessment. Solitari that haven't been caught continue to jump walls from Region to Region. They know the most. Most keep quiet for fear of the Anima government finding them.

Now that the doors are opened, the Crystal ID's are a must. No one may cross Regions without it. It will be much harder for Solitari to stay hidden now that Crystal checks are increasing.

What will happen now that the doors separating each Region are open?

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Interested? When you request to join, let us know which area(s) interests you the most. Anything else about you we should know? smile

Witches. Warlocks. Students. Teachers. Fighters of all kinds. Dragons. Shapeshifters. Elves. Dwarves. Psychopaths. Mad Doctor's Assistants. Lovers. Masters/Mistresses. Subs/Slaves. Civilians. Government Officials. Leaders. Artificial Intelligence. What ever you are! You are welcomed to join us in our crazy world! The doors are opened, and the amount of awesomeness is unlimited!

Where will your path take you in the world of Anima?

[Also, every Region is not strictly that Genre. As in, it's possible for creatures that are normally in fantasy to be a student at the magic academy (without actually being from the fantasy Region). The genres are just there for a majority. They are not strict. Now that the doors are opening, other Region settlers will be entering other Regions if they want to. Other genre characters will be mixing in with others. It will be fun!]

Below are the 6 Regions.

The Academy of Witches and Warlocks

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For humans or other races that are gifted/interested in the arts. Also, for rpers who enjoy school/academy rps. There are 5 Houses that the students get sorted into by the Sorting Chalice.


It's a crazy world out there. You have to be tough, or you could die. Are you a fan of kickbutt action rps? Possible post apocalyptic kind of world? Is your vehicle like your baby? This is the Region for you.


Beautiful landscapes, mystical creatures, grand quests, and magical artifacts are everywhere! This is a world filled with fantasy. Let's not forget those demons plotting to destroy everything that is pure. Is this your cup of tea?

Temporal Asylum Study and Cure of Psychosis

The halls are screaming with madness as patients freely roam. Blood everywhere from either the patients or victims. Do not fear. The Doctor is highly skilled. He is working on a cure for their.. insanity. All experiments are human.. I mean humane, I assure you. Are you a part of the madness?

The Red Light District

It's pretty obvious the type of people who lurk here. Lovers and passionate beings looking for another to dedicate their time to. Though, there are also people that simply need help around the house. Is there such thing as love in this world? Of course, those that are lucky to have found it live happily here. Others crave lustful interactions. Are you a Master/Mistress, Slave, Faithful Servant or simply among them?


The world has advanced beyond modern technology. Holograms, flying cars, awesome lazer/light/etc weapons, androids, and more may be found throughout this Region. The Enforcers ensure that everything runs according to plan. There's talk of a rebellion. Do you live in this high-tech futuristic world? What side are you on?

And of course, the ones that don't belong to a Region.. The Solitari.

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Join Us! biggrin