Hi everyone! Welcome to the Crazy Girls!

The Crazy girls once started from a group of 3 ( now a larger number! ) of girls who hangout together and do weird and random things, date of foundation is June 15 2007. Now, we decided to extend the group and invite more people! And oh! If you're a boy or is transgendered or something then feel free to join! We are pretty nice people and won't bite! -heartshaped hands-

The Crazy Girls guild or the CG for short shall hold contests, fun forum games and other things to make sure that everyone is having a good time! In order to do this, we must have a little bit of delegation. " No man is an island " so therefore we must all help each other in making this guild successful and fun! You can help by volunteering yourself for page designs, donating art/banner, donating to our guild bank, Managone or by just being active shall do smile Being active doesn't mean that you will post everyday, We understand that everyone has a life outside there. So being active is by just posting even once a week or even more!

So there are only few rules...
- Yeah i know some of you hate rules, but these rules will also help the guild to be orderly and peaceful and a safe place for us to have fun! -

1. Please follow Gaia To's.
2. Be nice and kind to others. Please fight over the PMs and not in the forums.
3. Please send ALL donations to the guild captains
4. Be active smile
5. You need to answer some questions before you enter the guild
= Why do you want to join this guild? How did you know about this guild? =

If you find someone breaking the rules of this guild then please PM any of the Crew, VP or the Chairman. Help the guild to become a better place!!!

Guild anouncements:

~ Hey all! CG is born! We currently need some volunteer artists to help me add color to the guild. We also are in need of crew and members to add highlights to the forums and to help us plan things for this guild.... If you want to apply or volunteer then please PM me, XXEiko_daggerXX and me and Azuka will talk about it and we'll just tell you our plan and things like that... We shall pay you a little amount of gold or a reward or recognition or credit or something for your kind deed smile