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One day, you wake up quite normally. In your own skin, as it were. Everything is normal. Doing normal things from walking the dog to going to work or school.

Until one moment, one sparkling, golden moment, when you hear music. Not just any music, though, music that compels you to shuck off that human skin and find that you belong in a lush, forested area. In no time at all, you are much shorter. You have wings. You are no longer human. You are fae.

Following the music, you realise your point of view is changing completely: you're much, much, much shorter, standing about a foot tall, and you must be seeing things. After all, there's a woman - with wings! - greeting you as you are somehow transported to a time and place very much one you are unfamiliar with. Turning around, you too, feel wings on your back.

In a flash, everything changes. You cannot communicate with your loved ones through face-to-face contact. Your dog sees you as a snack and a playtoy, not a meal-provider and playmate. Things refined are now your cup of tea as a part of the Sidhe. Instead of holey jeans and tee shirts, you now wear finery more befitting of a noble.

Time has essentially stopped for you.

The problem, though, is that several of those who were Sidhe before this massive change feel pushed out. They want to reclaim what they see is their rightful place. Only a few of the original Sidhe remain, and they have formed the new court.

You have been welcomed into the Court of the Sidhe.

Want to play? Give a good, literate reason you wish to play!