This guild was originally an idea for a race of people called Zeroes in a story my buddy Jack Santos and I were writing. The Zeroes are a race of mysterious people who are human, but seem otherwise, and have strange powers. They prefer to hide away from human contact when possible. We (Jack and I) finally got it in our heads, like the morons we are, that, hey! Why not make a guild where people can hang out, and who want to participate as members of this "race" in our story if they want?

So, we came up with this.

Here's hoping it works out well.

Of course, like any good thing, there are rules to be had.

The rules are:

1. Absolutely no spam. First and foremost, if I catch anything that looks like it may be pointless to a conversation being held, or that you're just talking for money, you are spamming, and I will act upon my duties as Guild Captain and enforce a punishment on you the very first time you do it. There are no "second chances" in this guild. First offense is rank downgrade, second offense is temporary ban from guild, and final offense is permanent ban.

2. No swearing. Sure, I may spit obscenities like a pirate (since I'm obsessed with them and all), but that's no excuse for you to go making yourself look like the biggest jerk to ever talk from between his legs by swearing every three words. I understand if it's a habit, but learn to pull it under control, or you won't last long here. The consequences from rule one apply here as well.

3. No hateful comments or spiteful actions towards other members. This means no putting down another member based on their actions, tastes, races, religions, education, family, or anything else that could come off as racist or prejudiced. You WILL be banned immediately, the first time it happens. No exceptions will be made.

4. Don't be a mime! Talk to people! Let them know your opinions! There's no such thing as a worthless thought in this guild, and I for one would like to hear everybody's opinion on whatever matter is at hand! Don't hide yourself like a forum lurker, have a chat! I don't bite TOO much... biggrin

5. Follow the Guild ToS (Terms of Service) requirements. I shouldn't need to constantly remind people that "Doing this, that and the other goes against the Gaia Guild ToS, stop doing it." It should be second nature to anybody who's read the rules. Failure to do this WILL get you banned, unless you did it by accident. Then, I will issue a warning, followed by a temporary rank degrading until you straighten your act out.

6. No gold mooching. This is not a guild where you can randomly mooch off of other people's cash because you're too lazy to build your way up to that amount of cash yourself. If you're really stuck for cash, and using your marketplace skills didn't work, try striking up a trade with somebody. There's plenty of people who will give you cash if you need it. Hey, I might even, if you have a substitute for a pretty penny that I would be willing to accept. (I'm not really all that interested in tricking out my avatar, I'm just here for fun, but hey, nabbing some really neat items would totally make my buddy Jack jealous that he doesn't have an account here yet. XD)

7. Don't be a poor sport. If somebody clearly has the upper hand on you in any form of debate where you believe yourself a formidable opponent, don't go all emo tough guy and start getting pissed off because your ego got a good swift kick in the ba-junk-a-junk. Just take it like a fair and mature person would and let it go. Besides, there's plenty of other debates you might win out there, just gotta' look for them.

(Also: Ba-junk-a-junk is my word-hyphen-word for crotch. And only I may use it.)

8. Enjoy your stay! I didn't make this guild to have it turn all stuck up and serious and Nazi-like. For one thing, I hate Nazis, save for you grammar nazis who are kind enough to correct our mistakes when we're too stupid to do it ourselves. For another thing, I'm not the kind of person who likes having big ol' iron fist rules, and I would prefer to hang out in a care-free environment, and not have to worry about DA LAW jumping on my case in a hormonal rage, so don't make this place seem cold and restricted to the newbies who enjoy having fun, let them have their fun, and let me take care of all the heavy details, 'kay?

An important last note: This guild is still under construction, and I may lose track of events and members, so to help narrow down the issues to a point, I would appreciate it if you PM me and ask for membership before just jumping in and making things ten times harder for me, and putting me in a bad mood. I don't like being in bad moods, and nobody else likes it when I'm in a bad mood, because I turn into a fun-killing jerk. Please, for your own enjoyment, just PM me first!

Thank you,

-Hayden Callaghan, Guild Captain