The city of gold: a wonderland full of contests, quizzzes, polls, games. and an ENTIRE FORUM DEDICATED TO TOAST!!!!

we have...
-monthly contests with great prizes
- tons of ways to make gold
-and all the awesomeness in the world
-and an AWESOME guild chat room on the beach

so come on into the CITY OF GOLD and have FUN!!!!

Project Revive
This is a project being started by Professor-Devian(coop_5P to increase the member activity of T.C.G. to what it once was. It has been a long time since Riku and myself could get on gaia daily. I will be trying my hardest to do so over the next few months. Riku and I both have very busy lives and need the support of our members to keep this guild alive. There will be new contests that start today. (Links Below) As well I am searching for Sub Forum moderators that will report any violation of the gaia ToS. Sub Forum mods will be paid a weekly sum. PM me if you are interested. As well as hiring new mods, OLD MODS WILL BE DEMOTED TO MEMBER STATUS, IF AN OLD MOD WOULD LIKE TO BE A CREW MEMBER OR VICE CAPITAIN AGAIN THEY MUST PM ME OR RIKU FIRST.
Contest Links: