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Welcome to, The Circle. This is a generalized Roleplay guild mixing war and romance that combines not only the worlds favorite classes and types of magic, but a unique system which makes enhancing your character and gaining strength and connections more interesting. In this guild your power goes up according to how active you are, so becoming the strongest ismerely a matter of you hanging around.

We have many unique things to offer, but the first thing you probably want to ask is "What magic classes do you have? And what do they do in the Guild?" Well of Course I must oblige this question with an answer.

We have Ten of the most popular and unique magic classes known to the literary and fantasy worlds.

Conjurers These are the summoners of the guild, considered one of the hardest classes to kill because of the magic beasts and creatures that they can harness and bend to their will.
Abjurators These are the absolute most important class to have as a friend, these are the shield makers the defenders. When it comes to living a long magical life in a war these are the ones you turn towards.
Harmonixers (Transmuters) Ever wondered what it would be like if you were just a bit taller? Stronger? Faster? Ever wanted to make yourself more handsome to attract that lucky witch/Sorceress or likewise? Well harmonixers are the class for you. This magic class focuses on changing your body in any way imaginable, turn you arm into a bear claw, grow a pair of wings, turn in to your enemy to confuse them. Do it all, as a Harmonixer.
Elemancers These are the most fun of the classes, but because of it, probably the most limited. These are Elementalists, the controllers of the universe persay. As this class you pick one of the five major elements (fire, water, earth, lightning, wind) and... control it completely. You can bend it to anyway that you want, make rings of fire to wrap around your foe, blast them with torrential rain, bring the heavens upon them with fierce bolts of lightning... but you can only use your element.
Necromancers Everyone's favorite undead army summoning, poison using, bone controlling magic class the Necromancer... wait you didn't know what a necromancer was? Well now you do. This classes main perk is it's ability to summon large swarms of minions, though not as strong as Conurers, when mixed with their moderate attack powers they become a force to be reckoned with.
Alchemists Your second best friend in the world of magical war. Alchemists mix herbs and chemicals in various way to produce almost any desired result imaginable, a powerful alchemists can even change elements completely even going so far as to turn oxygen into gold. They create antidotes, steroids, love potions, anything you can dream of.
Illusionists These are the mind breakers of the magical world. Illusonists can change the thoughts of others, causing them to see what isn't really there, or change what is really there drastically. They can create fake objects, magical sounds, and high powered Illusionists can even 'copy' other forms of magic.
Enchanters These are the augmenters of the magical world. Enchanters (and enchantresses) are exceptionally good at manipulating elements or just magical energy into helping and enhancing things. They can enchant swords with fire to do more damage, armor with water to block more efficiently, and can even enchant people, causing immunities and etc. to assist.
Evokers This is the jack of all trades class in the magical world. Using their abilities to pull on the strings of any magical type, they can copy the spells and abilities of the other classes, in a slightly weaker form. Their Replica arts are used to fuse the benefits of multiple classes making them fairly useful, though typically the loners of the magical world.
and finally
Diviners These are the holy artists of the magical world, as well as the sworn enemies of the Necromancers. Using the light and divine magics they are capable of immense shows of healing, creating divine shields against evil, and minor body augments through divine powers. Though most of their abilities can only be used on evil beings, causing their magical abilities to become lack luster compared to their physical exploits.

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