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Guild Captain: Creative Neko Chan

Guild Mule Account: Inzumi_May

Vice President : MistyMary24

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Welcome to our booty grabbing guild, where you can be yourself and enjoy the fun and relaxing environment of friends and family. We are a young guild which is in the process of growing and evolving and has much potential and growth.

___We need active, sociable people! So please pop in to say hello or mingle with the guildies. We like our guild to be a nice friendly environment and a place to meet friends and have that nice warm feeling a family can bring !

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It is in fact March so check out all our latest stuff - we have pop culture rambles to a thread of its own so you can mingle ! more contest like our joke contest that's on for the whole month and our tektek St, Patrick's day best Green Avatar - soon some dice games
and always be on the look out for our usual weekly give away's and member spotlights !

Get Involved !!! and it will be more rich and rewarding then just meeting new people but I assure you we are pretty awesome at times -and not as crazy as i seem but it makes me a interesting Guild Member and I am practically on every day - even when i sleep sometimes I'm just that Involved .

p.s. i Stocked up on some nice fish prizes -
and if you ever need help bumping a thread of yours just ask - always glad to help !

and as some of you already heard about my glow thread

Click here

Add your tanks or pm me if I missed you - its for all tanks - originally a place for members cause i love bumping and help my guildies out daily by trying to grab their glows and also so when i bump your tanks / public can also notice your glowing !!!!

the tread does accept non member tanks too - its a great place to earn more money for fish prizes especially how they keep dying sad and getting flushed !

If you love to Booty Grabby than you are at the right place.
If you love Cats than you are really at the right place cause I feel more cat than human. Meow

Special Events In the Guild
Stay tune for all the special Events we will be hosting.

Stay tuned for more events coming soon...

If you would like to take pride in the guild and use it as a bump when Your grabbing tanks ! go for it we always appreciate it

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Guild Signatures
If you would like to put a link to us in your signature here are a few signatures for you to use. Enjoy

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[align=center][URL=][IMG] Banners/e34a4723-5f77-411a-a832-809acf4cff21_zps090dc9af.jpg[/IMG][/URL][/align]

If You are looking to help the guild either give your donations to either myself or the guild mule Inzumi_may - cause we already have reached the max funds be;pw and was able to purchase the Tropical Beach hang room smile