Welcome to TCG!

Welcome! This guild is a place for the Canadians of Gaia to get together and just hang out. Talk about what you like about Canada, talk about what you hate. Don't even talk about Canada at all! It's up to you, really. But please make sure to read all of this page.

Not Canadian? No problem!
You don't have to be Canadian to be here, really. Maybe you live in Canada but you aren't a Canadian citizen. Maybe you plan on moving to Canada. Maybe Canada is one of your favourite countries. Maybe you just find Canada interesting. No problem. As long as you don't try to cause a ruckus, you are just as welcome as everyone else.

By submitting your Request To Join, you have agreed to read the following paragraph, and to accept the terms and conditions in the following sticky:

The Guild's Rules!

If you break one of the rules, you will be warned. Break two, and that's strike two. Three strikes result in a ban. Please keep this in mind. If you cannot follow simple rules, then do not join. Also, fill out your Join Request form properly. If you leave it blank or enter any sort of stupidity, your request will be rejected.

It's important to note that simply stating you're Canadian will not get you into this guild. Yes, we all love the "I AM CANADIAN" commercial, but this isn't the commercial, and it shouldn't be regurgitated in the join requests. This may be the Canadian Guild, but that doesn't mean it's only for Canadians, or that every Canadian can instantly join. You're welcome to join, as long as you've read the rules and are able to let us know in advance. Thank you for understanding.

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