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Join us in our fight against boredom!

I'm going to keep this description simple, but if you want more info on the guild, go ahead and PM me!

"The Boredom Resistance" is a guild dedicated to bringing the fun back into guilds, and we need your help to make this dream a reality!

So what are you waiting for?! Join now!

Nothing is required in the join request, feel free to leave it blank. ^^

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- General Discussion & Real Life Discussion: (Talk about anything you would like, along with things that are happening in real life, just remember to follow the rules!)
- Entertainment Discussion : (Talk about movies, music, anime, manga, books, etc.)
- Gaia Discussion : (Talk about Gaia updates, item questing, and other Gaia related things)
- Games & Giveaways : (Things such as contests, and other things that give you free stuff! Also, you can participate in fun forum games in this subforum. ^^)
- Roleplay : (A subforum that can take you to other worlds, and put you in someone else's shoes)
- Original Art & Writing : (Post things that you have created here)
- Recycling Bin (Expired contests, and old announcements are in this subforum.)
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Current Affiliates
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If you want to become one of our affilates (Guilds, Minishops, Quest threads, etc..) contact the Guild's captain, Angelic Cheer.
Please supply a short description of your Guild, or thread, along with the code to the banner you would like us to post, and a link to the guild or thread.
We will check on your thread, or guild, to make sure you have added our banner.

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Rule 1. Follow Gaia Online's TOS -- Do not break any of Gaia's existing rules.
Rule 2. Don't beg to become a crew member, apply in the correct section.
Rule 3. Drama is never allowed, if you have a problem with someone, take it outside the guild.
Rule 4. Create threads in the subforums, and NOT the main forum. -- This is to keep the guild organized.
Rule 5. Have a great time... or else! o.o

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If you were to donate to this guild, we would be very grateful!
Just please, do not donate via the "Donate to Guild" box at the bottom, those donations are limited to buying things that this guild already has.
Rather, send all donations via trade to "Boredom Resistance Mule".
Why? Because donations sent to the mule allow us to do much more things, like contests for gold, and other things that can't be done with regular donations.
If you are planning to donate, thank you so much! ^^